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Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go.

—Louise Driscoll

I have been convinced that there are fewer practices as powerful as the development of an intention.

An intention is a path for you to take your mental, emotional, and physical energy. When you have clear intention, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are more likely to put your energy towards it, and not divert it elsewhere.

Intentions work best when they are repeated in different forms. Big, long-term intentions are best written down, and then read both to yourself, and read out loud. If you feel like sharing your intention with others, tell it to your friends or family, and make it even more powerful. Shorter-term intentions can just be thought inside your head, but they will be more powerful if you also say them out loud.

If you are have difficulty crafting an intention, here are some examples for your next ride:

  • This ride promotes the healing of my body
  • I ride and heal myself on all levels
  • All acknowledge my place on the road with courtesy and respect
  • I ride with courage and wisdom
  • I return home relaxed and refreshed
  • My bicycle moves smoothly through the stream of traffic
  • I spin well and my stamina grows
  • I learn something new on this ride
  • I feel strong with every pedal stroke
Touring on bicycles

Longer-term intentions may be for when you're on the bike or off of it. Examples could be:

When you put together an intention, it is often helpful to:

What's your intention when you ride?

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