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Photo Credits

I did not take most of these photos, but instead found them in various places on the web, and have done my best to get permission to use them. The photographer may or may not agree with any text juxtaposed with the photo. Please use the links below to find out more about any particular photo on this site.

The photo on the home page is "Bristol Bay Bicycle Blues", by Ronald S. Hernandez of King Salmon, Alaska. It won an Honorable Mention in the 1997 Icebike Photo Contest at I had this picture up as wallpaper on my computer at work all winter.

The picture on the First Time Visitor page is from Robert Kirkpatrick's website. You can see photos of his commute throughout the seasons at The picture is of the Sammamish River Trail after a December storm.

The picture on the Basic Bicycling Meditation page is from Mike Jacoubosky's Chain Reaction site at This is a great site, with everything from suggestions on how to test-ride a road bike before purchase to humorous stories about bicycle encounters with crazy squirrels. The photos on my pages come from mostly his road and mountain bike rides documented on this site. The second picture on the Wayfarer page is from this site, too.

On the Wayfarers' Meditation page, the top photo is the one in shadows by Harry Baldwin. Harry rode his bike in Fall 2000 from Seattle to Miami, and celebrated his 70th birthday along the way. He had a e-mail list active during the trip, and if you signed up for it, you'd get messages and photos every few days, detailing his journey. His journals are preserved on the web at, where you can also view other pictures he took on his journey.

On the Inspirational Music page, the first photo is from Chuck Anderson's pages. I also have photos of his on the Blessing page, the Journaling page, and the Intentions page.

The other photo on the Inspirational Music page is from a New York city pedestrian and bicycling site,, which I felt captured the feeling of a hairy ride through downtown. Unfortunately, they no longer have a relationship with the photographer of this picture, and could not give me contact information for me to follow up with him or her to be able to give proper credit.

On the Where to Meditate page, there's a photo I obtained from, which is now located at I had a hard time picking one of these to put here — many of these photos give a sense of peace and solitude.

On the Bicycling a Name of God page, there is the one picture I took myself at the top. This is taken from a photo chronicle of my daily bicycle commute. I have forgotten now where I found the silhouette photo farther down on that page -- if you recognize it, please let me know.

The photo on the Creating a Meditative Space is from, a site for a yoga instructor in Sedona.

The drawing on the Bicycling a Journal of Forgiveness page was made by the artist Eleanor Smith. The photo on the same page is from the nice folks at Bikefix in the UK, at I guess I like the pairing of seated meditation and riding a recumbent.

The first photo on the Get Off the Fucking Road page is from the website of Diederik Marius from a ride over Tioga Pass. The second photo is from Jim Carson's blog, at, which also has a useful section on Northwest cycling events and a bicycling wiki.

My husband took the photo of me on the About the Author. He took this on our Ranchlands and Rockies tour in the summer of 2005. You may find more photos of that ride on his website:

I'm still looking for photos for my other pages. If you have one to offer or suggest, please e-mail me.