The following is from a journal entry written July 8, 2004, after riding for about an hour, at a picnic table in Robinswood Park.

I began with an invocation, something I usually do before any writing in a diary or journal. The invocation I often use is an interpretative translation of the line from Psalm 19:14:

May the words of my pen
And the meditations of my heart
Flow from Adonai
Source and Redeemer

Then I wrote down,

No specific topic in mind to write about, so I’ll just start writing.

And then this is what just seemed to flow out:

First – please listen to this –

From Adonai all blessings flow.

You really have only the smallest? an incomplete view and understanding.

Adonai, from whom all blessings flow.

“Lord” is indeed an incomplete translation of Adonai, but not as incomplete as you may think.

To conceptualize Adonai as male, or even masculine in character is incomplete. To say, “’Adonai’ encompasses masculine and feminine” is also incomplete. “Beyond masculine and feminine” is closer to its reality.

Adonai, from whom all blessings flow.

What are blessings, anyway? You think, “positive energy”, in other words, benevolent energy. Blessings are the Way of the Creator. Blessings create in part the physicality of the world, but even more important, the world’s completeness. Blessings make it a living world, rather than a dead one.

Adonai, from whom all blessings flow.

You ask, “who is separate from Adonai?” and intellectually, you can reply, “no one”. You know conceptually the teaching that Adonai is the unity of existence. But Adonai is not just the totality of all existence. At its very core, it is a vitality, a core of blessings spinning out universally.

Adonai, from whom all blessings flow.

It is not just that you are sourced in Adonai. Or that this picnic bench that you are sitting at, and the table on which you are writing, and the sunlight that is shining on you are sourced in Adonai.

It is that your very core is Adonai.

Your physical world manifests as a playing field for all bits and pieces of it to interact, play, discover, have fun.

So why isn’t it universally fun? Why then do so many suffer?

It’s not a very interesting game if there are no consequences, is it? You need consequences, a one—way’edness to the experience of time and events, on some level, for it to really play out.

Adonai, from whom all blessings flow.

Still not quite comfortable with an “Adonai”? To what extent is the playing field a “Kingdom”?

There is indeed nothing outside of the “Kingdom”. Adonai is rooted in all Being. Adonai does not control, though. Again, no fun in that. Adonai permeates all but doesn’t control.

Then how is Adonai a “Lord” or a “King”?

Without Adonai, the physical item, not just you or living beings, but even the inanimate things, the bench you sit on, would lose its vitality.

You ask though, is that possible? Could you have a physical item without Adonai? The answer – not as the Universe is now constructed. The bench can’t lose its “vitality”; it will always maintain its source in Adonai.

The greater the awareness of Adonai, the more any sentient being can be a more positive player on the field. Can increase understanding. Can reduce suffering. All beings retain some core level of awareness.

You have a core level of understanding primarily by being in nature, partly through singing.

The angels are beings who live within Adonai’s Core of Being. You can manifest an awareness of their existence but they do not reside in our world.

The angels exist because they can.

You are running out of time. What is the final message?

You, and many others, are formally aligned with bringing an awareness of Adonai into ordinary consciousness. This responsibility was dispatched years ago, before anyone ever touched the earth. How you chose to complete this responsibility is up to you.

That’s all for now. Don’t feel down, things are a—changin’